Blast. Pretreat. Coat.

Whether you’re going for aesthetics, functionality, or both,
we’re here to solve your problems.

Blast. Pretreat. Coat.

Whether you’re going for aesthetics, functionality, or both, we’re here to solve your problems.

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What We do

We specialize in media blasting, powder coating, and painting for customers in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and the surrounding Midwest. Kaser Blasting & Coatings is a division of Kaser Painting, Inc., established in 1987.

Our SErvices

Our Services


Blasting involves directing a high-pressure stream of abrasive media (i.e., steel grit or crushed glass) at a part, stripping the surface of old paint or rust.

Our Services

Powder Coating

Powder coating is applied electrostatically and then cured at 400 degrees, creating a hard, durable finish. When you need great quality, a fast turnaround, and reasonable costs, powder coating is the best option.

Our Services

Liquid Coating

Liquid coating is more versatile than powder coating, but is more labor intensive and generally more expensive on common parts. When it comes to extremely large or heavy parts, or if durability is less of a concern, liquid coating is more efficient than powder coating.


“Kaser does all my powder coating, they are always on-time and their work comes out perfect. Staff is more than friendly and eager to help.”

Clint Mailahn
Mailahn Innovation

“Fantastic! We are very happy with your service, you are all fabulous and you have helped us many many times. Your work is excellent”

S&S Welding

“Kaser gets the job done on-time and does great work! If there is ever a problem, they have taken care of it for me!”

Trenton Wheatley
Wheatley Welding


Things Are Heating Up

It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: the powder coating oven runs hot. More precisely, the powder coating oven typically reaches around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important, because it directly affects the types of parts we can powder coat. For instance,...

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If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Stay Out of the…Car Wash?

We talk a lot about the protective element of powder coating. It’s ideal for outdoor parts, for instance, because powder coating creates a barrier against the elements, protecting the part from damage. But there’s protection, and then there’s PROTECTION. Parts for...

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Guns, Pistons, and Knives, Oh My!

“Can you blast sensitive parts?” Typically, when I get this question, the customer is asking about a smaller part they want cleaned – a firearm, a knife, an oily piston, or something tarnished. They don’t want the current coating (if any) removed, they just want the...

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