An Alternative to Custom Color

I published an article a while back on the custom color matching process for powder coating. The blog was a bit long and technical, because the custom color matching process is long and technical. In case you missed it, here’s the short version: matching powder coating to a specific paint chip is a time-consuming process of trial and error that winds up being quite expensive for the customer.

Is it worth it? It certainly can be, if that particular color carries special meaning for you.

But it’s also not always necessary.

Every other day or so, we get roughly the same call from a different potential customer: they’re redoing their house, using (for instance) a Sherwin Williams paint deck. They have some railing that they want to match to the specific Sherwin Williams color they’ve selected, and they want to know if we can make that happen.

It’s a tough question to answer.

Does Sherwin Williams make powder coating? Yes. Do they stock every color from their latex paint deck in powder form? Not by a long shot. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that the paint chip the customer brings us even exists in powder coating, unless it specifically came from Sherwin Williams powder coating deck.

The customer always has the option to request custom color matching, but most are (understandably) turned off by the amount of work, time, and expense involved in that process.

Just because Kaser doesn’t stock Sherwin Williams SW 6990 Caviar Black doesn’t mean that none of our available black powder coating options will work for you. We stock a lot of popular colors, and we can special-order a wide range as well. The names may differ, but that doesn’t mean the hue won’t work.

I always recommend that the customer bring the paint chip to Kaser so that we can explore our options. Customers are frequently discouraged when I tell them over the phone that we don’t stock the specific name of the shade they’re looking for; in person, however, most will realize that we can match their paint chip pretty closely with what we have available.

If you’re in the midst of renovations and are interested in powder coating fixtures, give us a call! We’d love to help you find some options that work with your color scheme.



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