Making the Dream Work

‘Tis the season of reflection and gratitude.

As Kaser Blasting & Coatings wraps up another stellar year, I’m grateful for so many things: our customers, new and returning, who give us a reason to come to work every day; Jay and Shari Kaser, whose vision started this whole adventure in 1987; and the city of Lincoln, our home for over 30 years.

And above all, I want to thank the Kaser Blasting & Coatings team.

Without the team, Kaser Blasting & Coatings is a couple of spray rooms, a blast room, a wash bay, and two ovens. Our ability to produce high volume, reliable quality, and fast turnarounds depends entirely on each team member’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

We meet as a team every Wednesday to talk about the previous week: what went wrong, what went right, and what we can do differently. We prioritize safety. We problem-solve. We create goals for ourselves. We acknowledge mistakes.

Kaser Blasting & Coatings is data driven. We rely on data to tell us how we’re doing. Did a set of parts take us ten hours to powder coat last time? Let’s figure out how to complete them in nine. Did a specific part give us trouble? We’ll learn from it and apply that knowledge going forward. We’re compelled by data, because we’re competing against ourselves in the pursuit of perfection.

Some Kaser team members have extensive previous experience in the blasting and coatings industry, and some have none. What brings us together is a desire to improve.

I’m proud of the team dynamic we’ve built, and I know that it’s the key to Kaser’s continued growth. I look forward to seeing what the Kaser team’s motivation will accomplish in 2019.

To the Kaser team: thank you for all you do!



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