New Year, New Wash Bay

The Kaser Blasting & Coatings compound expanded recently – we announced the new addition on Facebook a while ago, and have been using that extra square footage as some very handy storage space for equipment and parts.

The storage capacity has been nice, but we’re excited to be developing part of that space into something more functional: the addition of a second wash bay.

To give some perspective, the wash bay we’ve been using for years is 10’ tall x 10’ wide x 25’ long. It works well – we’ve relied on it all this time, and will continue to use it going forward.

But when we built our new powder coating oven in early 2018, we realized that the 12’ x 14’ x 30’ oven had outgrown our trusty little wash bay. We could cure larger parts, and more of them, but didn’t have the pretreatment space to match.

Enter the new addition.

At 12’ x 16’ x 30’, our new wash bay is much better suited to our oven. Not only will we be able to pretreat larger single parts than ever before, but we’ll also be better equipped to handle large orders of small parts, which will positively impact our productivity and turnaround time. We anticipate that both wash bays will be working at full capacity very soon.

We love growth partially because we’re ambitious: we have a strong team, and we’re highly motivated to compete with ourselves.

But we also love growth because it positively impacts our customers. We want to serve more people. And we want to serve people with parts that won’t fit anywhere else. That’s why we seek growth in every area: square footage, equipment, team members, and part output.



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