Outside the Box

We’re here to solve customers’ problems.

As a blasting and coating shop, this means we’re typically solving rust and corrosion problems, and applying coatings preventively against future damage. That’s our area of expertise. But occasionally we’re asked to solve a problem beyond the scope of our usual work.

For example, we’re regularly asked to disassemble parts before powder coating them: gliders, swinging benches, lawn furniture with plastic bits – parts that can’t go in the powder coating oven require disassembly, and customers don’t always have the necessary tools at home. Sometimes, we even get requests for welding fabrication after blasting, either because the part is old and needs repair, or because the customer wants to make some modifications before powder coating.

We can do all those things – and we’re happy to – but the customer needs to understand that this adds to cost and turnaround time, often significantly.

I understand that the extra cost and lead time can be frustrating, but it’s simple:  we are not trained for disassembly and assembly. We aren’t welders. We don’t work in metal fabrication every day. Some of our team members have those skills, but they certainly don’t use them every day, so things take time. These extra-curricular projects also require a lot of communication up front, not only to make sure we’re understanding what the customer wants, but also to verify that the team members involved understand what needs to be done.  

So can we weld? Yes we can. But it may be in your best interest to have someone else do it. You may want to take your part to a welding shop for modifications before bringing it to us for blasting and coating. The welding shop will certainly be more efficient, and likely more economical.

Can we disassemble and reassemble? Yes, and we’re happy to; but since we don’t have a team member dedicated to this task, we’re pulling someone out of the coating booth to do it. This can’t be done spontaneously – it has to be scheduled out, which adds to lead time.

Additionally, since many of the parts we see are old and have corrosion issues, disassembly is rarely as simple as it sounds: bolts rust, things need to be ground down, the part is fragile, and there will likely be trips to the hardware store. All of this adds to the cost of the project.

If disassembly is a problem for you, we’re here to solve it. If the part needs modification, we can help. We just need our customers to understand that this will involve additional time and cost, not because we don’t want to do it, but because these projects require skills and manpower.



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