Can We Handle It?

Kaser Blasting & Coatings serves both the general public and larger industrial customers, which means we frequently hear similar questions from opposite ends of the spectrum: “Can you handle projects [this large/small?]” “Are you able to blast [ten thousand parts/one single piece]?” “Are you willing to powder coat [60 steel beams/one toy truck]?”

Customers are frequently concerned that their projects are either too large or too small for us, so I wanted to take a moment to address our scope: what we can and can’t do, and the gray areas in between.


The size of a part is of virtually no concern to us. Our blasting and liquid coating spaces are 50 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 15 feet tall, respectively. Your dump truck will fit. Your shipping container will fit. We don’t encounter much that won’t fit. In a similar vein, our powder coating oven is 30 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 12 feet tall; you’ll be hard pressed to find a metal part that we can’t powder coat.

On the other side of that coin, we have a special blasting booth specifically designed to handle small, delicate parts, and we treat the general public with the same level of care and excellence we provide to industrial clients. Bring us your cabinet door handles, your antique miniatures, and your vent covers – whether we’re blasting, coating, or both, you’ll be happy with the result.


Do you have a thousand parts? We can handle it. Ten thousand parts? No problem. A hundred thousand parts? Let’s talk about whether you want them done all at once or spaced out over the course of several months, but ultimately, I’m confident it will be no problem. If we can’t currently accommodate your needs, we’ll grow. I’d love nothing more.

This doesn’t mean we don’t accept single-piece orders. Quite the contrary, in fact – we regularly see a lone sewing machine, a single bike frame, or the occasional toy truck. If the customer wants the part coated in a common color, even better: we’ll add it in with a larger batch, saving everyone time and money.


We offer abrasive media blasting at our facility. Our primary blasting media are steel grit and crushed glass – we don’t currently offer soda blasting, walnut shells, or wet blasting, and we don’t offer off-site blasting services. We don’t sell blasting parts or media, and we also don’t rent out the blasting booth to customers who want to come in and do it themselves. All blasting services are offered by the Kaser team, in-house.

We also offer liquid and powder coating services at our facility. We don’t go off-site, and we don’t sell paint, powder, or supplies. If you’re in the market for paint, powder, or equipment, everything you need can be found online or through vendors – I’m happy to recommend vendors, but what we stock in-house is meant for our own use. Our coating booths are not available for rent, and we do all the work ourselves. The same goes for pretreatment.

We’re great at general masking – if you need the edge of your coating to be a straight line, we’ve got you – but we don’t specialize in intricate, multi-color coatings on small parts. If you have a hand-held part on which you want five colors, we might recommend finding someone else to do the job.  

Occasionally, I get requests for chrome plating, hydro dipping, or anodizing, none of which are services we currently offer.

In summary: whether you have a single door knob or a hundred shipping containers, we are happy to offer you blasting, liquid coating, or powder coating services at the Kaser facility in Lincoln, NE. Give us a call anytime.



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