Honestly, It’s Not for Everyone: Projects I’m Proud of in Lincoln, NE

One of the biggest perks of running a finishing business in a (relatively) small town has to be seeing my team’s work everywhere, every day.

Lincoln, NE, has a population of 280,000. Kaser Blasting & Coatings has been blasting and powder coating for 7 years. It stands to reason that, if you’re ever in my favorite city, you’ll find yourself surrounded by work we’ve done.

The majority of our local projects are not terribly exciting: railing, gates, parking garage components – we spray a lot of black on parts that aren’t meant to be noticed, and blast a lot of rust off of parts no one will ever see. If the gas piping going into a new building is coated, it’s likely we did it, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that that piping will stay pristine for years. Keeping rust at bay throughout the city’s infrastructure may not be glamorous, but it’s important work that we’re proud to do.

Now and then, we get to participate in more overtly visible projects.

Before my time, Kaser refurbished most of the old metal around Lincoln’s historic Haymarket train station (arguably the most-photographed area of Lincoln). The yellow star at 40th and Yankee Hill was also our work – that powder coating has held up longer than I’ve been at Kaser.

Since I started, we’ve gotten very involved with The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The chain link fence that runs around Memorial Stadium’s field, separating the players from the public, was in bad shape a few years ago; we blasted and coated all of the posts, framework, and gates in Husker red. We’ve also refinished a lot of the equipment in the university’s weight training facilities.

Last year, the railing in front of the Lincoln Children’s Museum was blasted, protected with zinc rich epoxy primer, and powder coated with a bright blue super durable top coat. The trash cans, benches, and parts of the exhibit fencing at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo are our handiwork as well.

I shudder to think how different the Green Gateau would look if they had replaced the old railing entirely, instead of investing in its preservation – thankfully, the black powder coating will protect its original charm for many years. I’ve also had the personal pleasure of refinishing a lot of the railing around I-80 Speedway, where I used to race.

While we weren’t involved in the creation of Lincoln’s ubiquitous bikes, hearts, and lightbulbs, we’ve been called on to refurbish them as they’ve rusted and broken through the years. We typically blast and powder coat the bikes, and ask Harris Decals to recreate the artist’s original vision. Occasionally, the artist will come onsite, paint over our powder coating, and have us apply a protective clear coat.

We may not be in the business of making art, but we’re here to assist in its long-term protection from corrosion and UV light. I’m proud to do my part in keeping Lincoln #NebraskaStrong.



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