Patio Furniture Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Metal patio furniture tends to be the general public’s gateway into the world of industrial coatings. This is particularly true in Nebraska, where harsh winters, hot summers, and constant humidity takes a greater-than-average toll on outdoor tables and chairs.

Blasting and powder coating can reverse years of damage, and extend the life of your set. There are just a few pitfalls to avoid.

Unexpected Expenses

I strongly advise that you attach a photo of your furniture when requesting a quote through the website. This helps me quote more accurately.

Fully assembled lawn furniture will always cost more to refinish than disassembled lawn furniture. Patio sets often include non-metal parts: plastic feet, umbrella holders, etc. These must be removed, or they’ll fall apart in the blast booth and melt in the oven.

Please disassemble any swivel or rocking mechanisms before dropping off.

Long Lead Times

Our workload ebbs and flows. Here’s how to make the best of it.

  • Plan ahead. If you want your patio furniture refinished by grilling season, consider calling us in the winter. With enough notice, we can offer you a one-week turnaround.
  •  Disassemble thoroughly. The more time we have to spend taking your furniture apart, the slower we’ll be in getting it back to you.
  • Choose a common color. If you’re in a rush, choosing a popular color (i.e., black, white, or silver) allows us to add your part to an already-scheduled batch. Reds and oranges may take a bit longer to work into the schedule.

Unnecessary Damage

Some customers ask us to blast only, as they prefer to apply their own coatings. No problem – just be aware that steel chairs rust quickly after blasting, so pick them up (and coat them!) as soon as possible.

Nothing is more potentially damaging to your new coating than the ride home. We’ll package your parts carefully, and help you load them up. The less your parts slide around, the better; remember, powder coating is not indestructible.

Take comfort in the fact that the rusty dining set in your backyard is not a lost cause. You’ll be amazed at what blasting, pretreatment, and powder coating can do. 



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