“So When Are You Getting Married” and Other Questions From My Mother

Shari Kaser, Vice President of Kaser Painting, Inc and my mother, had some questions for me on episode 13 of KaserCast.

Spoiler alert: most of them were not work related.

In case you missed the episode, I put some of the highlights in writing. Take a peek behind the Kaser curtain.

Shari Kaser: What are your thoughts on kids and marriage?

Jase Kaser: It is different being on the other end of these questions. When I was growing up, I definitely wanted to be married and have kids – our family was a family of four, so I thought I wanted a family of four. I don’t know anymore. I tend to be really obsessive with things that I do, so racing, college, work – I don’t really (at least at the moment) want to put anything ahead of work. I probably want to be married someday, but right now I’m in work mode, and I want to stay focused. And I know that the hours I spend at work would make it hard to be a good dad right now, and I don’t feel like that’s ok.

SK: When are you going to start racing again?

JK: I think about that probably every day. Racing is so expensive, and again, it comes down to my time – I still really enjoy being at work. The business has been successful and we’ve been growing, but I haven’t been successful in putting all the pieces in place to where it can function without me. I haven’t taught the team the things they need to know in order to carry on if I’m gone. I also don’t have the time in the evenings. That’s why we stopped racing in the first place: we weren’t showing up with a car that was prepared to win, and I knew it, so it seemed pointless to continue. Kasers only do stuff at the highest level. I’m not just going to do it for fun. Someday, I will get back into it, but I want to make it a viable business. The goal would be to break even. It’ll be tough, but I think it’s possible.

SK: How often do you talk to your brother, and who calls who?

JK: About once a month, probably? Maybe once every two months. He usually calls me. I call him, though – I’ve called him before, too. A lot of our calls start with work-related stuff, since we powder coat some parts for his company, so that’s what instigates it, but then we catch up afterward.

SK: What score would you give me on a review at work?

JK: If we just go straight down the review list, attendance: probably B, tardiness: probably C. But as far as all the other things that you do, it’s all A+, obviously.



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