Day One at Powder Coating University

The Kaser team is growing rapidly. My managers and I feel a bit like professors, guiding a fresh batch of recruits through Powder Coating 101 every few weeks or so.

This is not a complaint. Yes, training is hard, but the benefits of having a full crew far outweigh the temporary hassles of getting to that point.

Since I’ve rehearsed Kaser’s unofficial new hire curriculum so thoroughly these last couple of months, I figured I’d share it with anyone who’s interested.

Welcome to day 1 of Powder Coating University.

Open your syllabus (i.e., the Kaser employee handbook), and follow along as I share my expectations for this class.

Please show up on time for every shift. You’ll take a one-question quiz every day in your first two months at Kaser: “Were you present and ready to work when your shift started?” This will count as 90% of your grade.

There is no classroom time, only lab time. You’ll be hands on right away. You don’t have to know anything. You don’t have to be good at anything. You don’t have to read ahead in the textbook. As long as you’re present and engaged, you’ll do just fine. Your professors will spoon-feed you skills, and give you plenty of opportunity to practice.

Please dress for the job. This means jeans and closed toed boots (they do not have to be steel toe). Hoods are not allowed, as they are a safety hazard. Kaser will provide crew neck T shirts and sweatshirts. If you’re starting in the winter, layer accordingly – the shop doors will often be wide open to allow forklift passage.

Extra credit is always available. Examples of extra credit include: wearing proper PPE at all times, having a positive attitude, taking on overtime, showing attention to detail, checking your work, and asking for feedback. There is no limit to how much extra credit you can accrue.

Grading is a group effort. Your performance will be evaluated by your managers and your peers. Your success in this class depends on your ability to contribute positively to the group dynamic.

This program is designed to be short and intensive. Graduates of Powder Coating University will be promoted quickly upon successful completion of this training. And of course, your learning journey can and will continue for as long as you want it to. There is always more to know.

Welcome to Powder Coating 101. Let’s turn you into powder coaters.



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