Interviewing 101: Tips from the Hiring Manager

If an exceptional person expresses interest in working at Kaser, I always want them on my team. As a result, I conduct interviews year-round. Here’s my advice to job candidates who want to level up their interview game.

Be forthcoming. 

I suspect people want to avoid rambling in an interview, which is fair. However, in my experience, most applicants go too far the other way. If I ask whether you played any sports in high school, your answer should not simply be “yes” or “no.” If you played sports, tell me what they were. If you didn’t, tell me what your hobbies were instead. I’m trying to get to know you – meet me halfway.

Be organized.

I’m always impressed when candidates can tell me about their three most recent jobs, in order by date. It’s reasonable to expect that you will be asked about your work history at an interview – review your resume ahead of time, if necessary, to refresh your memory about what you did and when.

Be detailed. 

Telling me that you were a receptionist at XYZ company is good. Telling me that you were a receptionist who answered phones, managed the CEO’s calendar, made travel arrangements, invoiced customers, and collected payments at XYZ company is better. The more detail you give me about tasks you’ve accomplished, hours you’ve worked, and responsibilities you’ve shouldered, the better I can sense whether your skills align with Kaser’s needs (and vice versa).

Be honest.

Please don’t tell me you can lift 75 pounds if you can’t. Your goal as the interviewee is not to impress me – it’s to determine whether this job is a good fit for you. If the thought of lifting heavy objects or shaving your beard or working early in the morning makes you uncomfortable, tell me so. You’ll be much happier at another company.

Remember that you’re interviewing me as much as I’m interviewing you. Kaser is not for everyone, and I know that – I want my applicants to know it, too. A productive interview gives us both the information we need to decide whether we’re a good fit for one another.



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