A Tale of 32 Colors: Why We Stick With Our Stock

Once upon a time, I used to let customers flip through vast powder coating color decks and choose whatever they wanted. I no longer do that.

Instead, I’ve narrowed Kaser’s selection down to 32 stock colors, and (almost) everyone is much happier. Here’s why.

These powders are tried and true.

I’ve sprayed a lot of powder coating over the years, and I can tell you with authority that they are not all created equal. Some are more prone to issues than others, both in and out of the spray booth. Kaser’s stock colors are reliable – not only do they look good coming out of the oven, but they also retain their color and gloss, even outdoors.

These powders will save you money.

The price per pound of powder coating varies wildly depending on color, chemistry, and brand. The stock colors I’ve selected are reasonably priced, and guaranteed to give good bang for the buck. Additionally, since we always have them in stock, customers aren’t picking up the shipping tab (or, worse yet, having to buy a fifty-pound box of powder to coat four wheels). As an added bonus, all of Kaser’s stock colors are the same price, taking a lot of variability out of our customers’ quotes.

These powders allow us to work faster.

I did not choose Kaser’s stock colors randomly. I went with the popular options, allowing us to batch projects together more efficiently. The more Axalta Red Baron we spray, for instance, the sooner we can squeeze miscellaneous red projects into the powder schedule. Working in batches helps to keep our lead time down.

These powders are readily available.

Ordering dozens of different powders was a hassle years ago. With today’s supply chain issues, it would be an impossible task. Kaser’s stock colors are easy to obtain, allowing us to keep them in stock at all times.

Naturally, some customers have expressed frustration over our limited inventory. I get it – we are not the shop for anyone seeking neons, metallics, and trendy hues. But overall, I’ve noticed that paring down the options has reduced customers’ stress. They’re no longer paralyzed by hundreds of choices. Everyone wins.




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