Three Signs You’ll Thrive in the Finishing Industry

Most of us who wound up working in the finishing industry took the scenic route.

I don’t know of any community colleges offering Associate degrees (or licensing of any kind, for that matter) in powder coating. Few kids grow up hoping to be abrasive media blasters. The people who get here do so largely by accident, word of mouth, or a combination thereof.

The benefit of this is that the finishing industry is diverse. At Kaser alone, we have a broad spectrum of skills and work backgrounds on the team. That’s part of our strength.

Despite their many differences, however, Kaser’s veteran team members do have a few things in common.

Enthusiasm for manual labor.

Anytime an interviewee tells me that they hate sitting behind a desk all day, I perk up. The world is full of people who prefer to work with their hands, and I want them on my team. The more manual labor they’ve done in their past lives, the better – that tells me they’re up to the physical challenges. Work ethic is one of the very few things I cannot teach.

A tolerance for dirt.

This is sweaty work. And if you’re anywhere near the powder booth, it’s also dusty. Most of us take a thick layer of grime home with us at the end of the day. If that sounds unappealing, this job is likely not a good fit for you.

A good memory.

I’ll be honest: a good memory is the quickest way to impress me. Recalling the previous day’s training is a good start. If you’re able to remember how we processed a similar batch of parts several weeks ago, even better. The more information you can retain, the more you’ll excel at Kaser.

Candidates with previous powder coating experience are so rare, I’ve stopped looking for them. Instead, I’m seeking candidates with these three qualities. If that’s you, send me a message – I would love to meet.



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