We’re All Around You: Local Projects in Lincoln, NE

Here’s a word problem for the math enthusiasts: if Kaser has been blasting since 2005 and powder coating since 2014, and the population of Lincoln is 292,000 people, how much of our handiwork will be visible from your car window as you drive around town in 2023? The answer is “a lot.” Kaser’s work is all over Lincoln, Nebraska.

Here are some of the local blasting and coating projects that make me proud.

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo welcomes 340,000 guests a year. I’m proud to have blasted and powder coated dozens of benches and trash cans as part of the zoo’s renovation in 2019, keeping the environment welcoming for all.

The Lincoln Children’s Museum

In 2020, no one could remember the last time the museum’s outdoor railing had been refinished – but everyone agreed it looked rough. We blasted the rust and sprayed glossy blue powder coating, restoring the museum’s curb appeal.

Tour de Lincoln

Lincoln’s first public art display, the Tour de Lincoln bikes popped up around town in 2003. Twenty years later, we’ve seen several of them come through the shop for blasting, coating, and decals, keeping the artists’ vision alive, rain or shine.

Nebraska By Heart

In 2017, local artists customized more than 80 fiberglass hearts in honor of Nebraska’s 150th birthday. Since most of them were displayed outdoors, it wasn’t long before they needed some TLC (and a fresh clear coat for added protection).

Memorial Stadium

Few local landmarks are as beloved as Memorial Stadium. The railing around the field – which of course, had to be red – was powder coated by yours truly. Go Huskers!

Click here for photos of all of these projects (and more). If you spot our work in Lincoln, Nebraska, let us know!




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