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Liquid Coating: Past Work Pieces

Large Liquid Coating Capabilities

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Inside the Liquid Coating Booth

Liquid Coating

Liquid coating is a broad subset in painting and has many applications.  Our liquid coating facilities use aired and airless methods to apply urethanes, epoxies, lacquers, and water based paints to many different substrates including metal, wood, and some plastics.

Liquid coating is more versatile than powder coating, but is more labor intensive and generally more expensive on common parts.  When it comes to extremely large or heavy parts and durability is less of a concern liquid coating is more efficient.

Our painting booth measures 18 feet wide by 50 feet long by 15 feet tall.  This is big enough to handle large industrial equipment and large pieces of lumber.  Specialized racking can be used to paint small intricate pieces.

Color options are essentially unlimited when it comes to liquid coating.  Uncommon colors tend to be more expensive, and require greater lead times.

Liquid Coating Photo Gallery:

Liquid Coating Gallery!

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