Got questions about blasting, powder coating, and liquid coating? You’re not alone.

Get answers to our most popular FAQ.

Why powder coating?
Powder coating offers a long-lasting finish with a range of color options available. In addition, a powder coated finish will be more resistant against scratches, chipping and wear. Check us out on social media for examples of recent work we’ve done.
What advantages does powder coating have over liquid coating?
Powder coating materials are less expensive and require less labor to apply. Much faster turnaround times are achievable because the curing process for powder coating is much faster than the drying process for liquid paint.
How long does it take to get my parts back?
Please call to check our current lead times.
What can be powder coated?
Anything metal. Rims, railings, gates, furniture, and auto parts – just to name a few.
What finishes are available?
Smooth, textured, hammertone – just to name a few.
Can you leave certain areas of the parts bare?
Yes. We can mask off areas that do not need to be powder coated.
Do you take small custom type projects?
Yes. Small projects are handled the same as any other job.
Can you do large, long parts?
Yes. Our large oven (14 feet wide by 12 feet tall by 30 feet long) allows us to handle large projects efficiently.
What is liquid coating?
Liquid coating is a wet paint applied through spraying.
When should you use liquid coating?
When your part can’t withstand heat and hold electrostatic charge.
We have many different powder coating colors in stock. Stop by our office to check out our wall of sample panels.  Color options are essentially unlimited when it comes to liquid coating.
What is blasting?

Blasting is a process by which abrasive particles are used to clean a metal surface. Learn more.

We use aluminum oxide, crushed glass, and steel grit.
What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept cash or check only.