your new social media dream team.

Creating + scheduling content for small businesses.

who we are.

Jase: manages a small business in the finishing industry.

Chloe: copywriter, graphic designer, post creator.

what we do.

Create social media posts for clients.

Write blogs, edit videos & images, run ads.


why you need us.

People are scrolling. You should be in their feeds.

You need to be posting on social media daily.


we create + schedule content.

When businesses don’t have time to consistently post on their own social media platforms they turn to us for help. 

We specialize in posting 50 times a week across 6 social media platforms, blogging, and podcasting.

Take a look at what Kaser Craft can do on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter.

We generate web traffic.

A strong ad captures attention…but the landing page creates the conversion.

Kohler Blinds had never run an ad on Facebook. So in October 2020, Kaser Craft created a landing page on Kohler’s website and ran some ads.

In 6 days, the landing page had received 500 views, and the “call now” button had been clicked 20 times.

What could you accomplish with a good landing page?

We help you add value.

You’ve got the industry knowledge. We’ll help you blog, vlog, and podcast it.

Founded in 1930 as a paint business, Tiger Coatings has evolved into an international staple in the industrial coatings market. In 2020, they decided to revamp their blog in an effort to reach a wider audience.

After a series of brief, informative meetings with Tiger’s chemists and sales reps, Kaser Craft was able to synthesize technical information in accessible terms, making it useful to laymen and experts alike.

We make you look good.

Let’s face it: aesthetics matter.

A one-woman operation based in Denver, CO, Kiboko Kidogo is the very definition of a small business: every item is hand-sewn with love in the artist’s apartment.

In 2019, amidst heightened competition among vendors, Kiboko Kidogo needed a little help getting noticed by craft fair organizers. She felt that a look book would do the trick.