Our Services

We're proud to offer blasting, powder coating, and liquid coating services in Lincoln, NE and beyond.

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Blasting Services

Blasting involves directing a high-pressure stream of abrasive media (i.e., steel grit, aluminum oxide, or crushed glass) at a part, stripping the surface of old paint or rust. After media blasting, the surface is ready for painting or powder coating.



Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is applied electrostatically and then cured at 400 degrees, creating a hard, durable finish. When you need great quality, a fast turnaround, and reasonable costs, powder coating is the best option. Ask us about our stock colors.



Liquid Coating Services

Liquid coating is more versatile than powder coating, but is more labor intensive and generally more expensive on common parts. When it comes to extremely large or heavy parts, or if durability is less of a concern, liquid coating is more efficient than powder coating.